Warehouse for sale in Delhi

Storage areas do not only have to be used for storage. Warehouses have been converted into clubs or used as retail space to sell directly to consumers. Manufacturers have turned warehouse space into their home base for the production of their products. Aside from the versatility, investing in storage space can be a lucrative decision for a real estate investor.

Having storage space can save money. Rent payments and other recurring expenses for renting a warehouse can be more than what you would have paid if you had bought the space. For regular storage needs, it may be more cost-effective to purchase the storage and rent the extra space you don’t need from others.

Retail chains can save in-store storage space for products that sell faster, instead of making room for slow-moving items. Instead of losing sales because they don’t have enough product in-store, they can store it in warehouses until demand increases.

Warehouses for sale:

  1. Region: Dhansa
  • Super Area: 5724 sq. ft.
  • Price: Rs.1.3 Cr
  1. Region: Mukund Nagar
  • Super Area: 8995 sq. ft.
  • Price: Rs. 9 Cr
  1. Region: Greenfield colony
  • Super Area: 64000 sq. ft.
  • Price: Rs.20 cr
  1. Region: Ashok Vihar, Phase 3 extension
  • Super Area: 6300 sq. ft.
  • Price: Rs. 75000
  1. Region: Chattarpur
  • Super Area: 2200 sq. ft.
  • Price: Rs. 1 lakh
  1. Region: Laxmi Nagar
  • Super Area: 1377 sq. ft.
  • Price: Rs. 30 lakhs
  1. Region: Mohan Nagar
  • Super Area: 944 sq. ft.
  • Price: Rs. 2.75 Cr




storage gives you room to grow, especially if your business is small. You can use part of your warehouse for inventory and another part for offices. As your staff grows or your inventory needs increase, you can build walls to add more offices. An expandable storage building can give you the ability to lengthen the walls to pack more inventory.

Risk Reduction
storage areas are considered commercial real estate. This type of investment can have tax benefits that the owner can take advantage of at the local and state level. Renting out the property reduces the risk of the owner not being able to sell the storage space for more than they paid for it. Leases are typically longer than other types of commercial property. It becomes a long-term investment that pays off. It can also be used as collateral for other loans and investments.

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