Warehouses in Delhi NCR

Delhi is known for its culture, heritage, monuments, transportation, food, and industries. Key industries in Delhi include information technology, telecommunications, hotels, media, banking, and tourism.

The availability of a warehouse gives you the ease of storing both domestic and industrial goods all in one place for some time.  Numerous warehouses are available for both sale and rent in NCR. Their rent depends on the size you want to acquire for the storage of goods and the period for which you will be using the warehouse.


  1. Static Shelving-

As the name suggests, static shelves are storage mechanisms that are designed to stay in one place. For the most part, they are meant to hold inventory that is fairly lightweight (a few hundred pounds per shelf). It’s commonly used for storing inventory that needs continuous replenishment.

  1. Mobile Shelving-


Mobile shelving is a fully customizable solution meant to hold manually selected items, but the difference is that many of these systems are designed to hold more items in less space. With mobile shelving, shelves or cabinets are mounted on cart and rail systems, eliminating fixed aisles and increasing productivity by making inventory more accessible even when space is at a premium.


  1. Pallet Packing-


For the busiest and largest warehouses, pallet racking systems are typically considered the heart of the operation. Pallet racking systems are usually made of wood, metal, or plastic and contain inventory that is received in large crates. Depending on the height, the boxes are placed on the pallet rack with the help of a forklift or an automatic system.


  1. Multi-Tier Packing-


An excellent option for large stocks of small unit size items, multi-tier shelving is a system designed to make the most of vertical space. Because no warehouse is unique, many multi-tier shelving options are flexible, with the ability to add or remove tiers based on your current needs.


  1. Mezzanine Flooring-


If you have the budget and your strategic warehouse layout allows, the mezzanine is an efficient and space-saving storage option. Essentially, the mezzanine is a second (or third or fourth) floor built on top of the main warehouse floor.



  1. Wire Partitions-

While mezzanines are one of the high-tech options, wire partitions are at the other end of the spectrum. Wire dividers are effectively strategically placed wire cages designed to be installed and removed quickly and easily.




Renting Properties:

  1. Region: Okhla Industrial Area Phase 1, Delhi
  • Built-up Area: 7000 sq. ft.
  • Furnishing: Semi-furnished
  • Facing: North
  1. Region: Ranhola, Pratap Vihar
  • Built-up Area: 71000 sq. ft.
  • Furnishing: Unfurnished
  • Facing: East Face
  • Price: Rs. 10.50 lakhs
  1. Region: Kirti Nagar, Industrial Area
  • Built-up Area: 16750 sq. ft.
  • Furnishing: Unfurnished
  • Price: Rs. 12 lakhs
  1. Region: Kapashera, Kapas Hera Extension
  • Built-up Area: 66000 sq. ft.
  • Price: Rs. 9.89 lakhs
  1. Region: Dwarka, Bamnoli
  • Built-up Area: 12000 sq. ft.
  • Price: Rs. 2.50 lakhs

Sale Properties

  1. Region: Kirti Nagar Industrial Area
  • Built Up Area: 3600sq. ft.
  1. Region: Kapshera, Om Sai Complex
  • Built Up Area: 7200 sq. ft.
  1. Region: Alipur, Budhpur
  • Built Up Area: 10800 sq. ft.
  1. Region: Ghitori
  • Built Up Area: 3200 Sq. Ft.
  1. Region: Alipur, Budhpur
  • Built Up Area: 40509 sq. ft.